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Our Story

What is EPIC?​

EPIC is what we call Episcopal Campus Ministry in Bellingham, WA. It is a community of college students rooted in the Episcopal Church who are questioning and rebuilding the experience of a faith-filled life. 

Who are Episcopalians?

We are Christians who learned centuries ago that we can share a variety of beliefs among us and still grow and learn and pray together. 

We understand God as the creator, lover, and sustainer of the world. 

We are followers of Jesus in loving God and loving each other, and we believe that God acts in our lives through the Holy Spirit. In baptism, we vow to seek and serve God as experienced in everyone we meet, and to respect the dignity of every human being. 

We straddle the Catholic and Protestant branches of the Christian tradition. Our faith is both traditional and open-minded in nature. 

We believe God loves everyone infinitely, regardless of gender identity, cultural identity, race, hardships, or sexuality. 

Our Mission

To provide a space rooted in the Episcopal tradition where college students in Bellingham colleges and universities can question and rebuild the experience of a faith-filled life.

Dec. 2019
Fall 2019

Our Vision

We aspire to collaborative worship and learning, growing in spiritual maturity, equipping ourselves to go into the world to spread God’s love and care.

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Our Mission
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