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Who We Are

The Episcopal Church Welcomes YOU

God loves everyone infinitely, regardless of gender identity, cultural identity, race, hardships, or sexuality. 

We have a tradition of love and acceptance, including:

  • ordaining women as priests

  • marrying same-sex couples

  • welcoming LGBTQ folx

  • conversations from many viewpoints

We engage in open conversations. We often question our faith and beliefs, with the understanding that inquiries and doubts will be discussed with respect. 

You will likely find more questions than answers, and that's OK!

Here's some info on our campus Chaplain, Lindsay . . . 


Lindsay grew up in the Pacific Northwest. While she has lived in many different parts of the country since then, nothing feels as much like home as Douglas Firs, Western Red Cedars, tide pools, mountain lakes, and the beautiful, quirky people who also call this place home. 


Painting by student Andi Keating


She was ordained to the priesthood at St. Paul’s Bellingham by the Bishop of Oregon– the same diocese that sponsored her for ordination– after receiving her Master of Divinity from Louisville [Presbyterian] Seminary, as well as a certificate in Anglican Studies from Bexley-Seabury Seminary. Before she began her seminary studies, Lindsay completed a graduate degree in Sociology at The University of Montana and spent over a decade working in social services and public health in the Portland, OR area.

Lindsay is passionate about helping the church explore what it looks like to join in God’s work in our cities in neighborhoods, and is committed to identifying and building bridges across theological and denominational communities. This value has informed much of her work prior to ordination: as a program director at Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, as an organizer for the Wild Goose West Festival, and as a convener of Community Missions--an experimental gathering of Christians of many denominations in Portland, OR.


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