Who We Are

The Episcopal Church Welcomes YOU

God loves everyone infinitely, regardless of gender identity, cultural identity, race, hardships, or sexuality. 

We have a tradition of love and acceptance, including:

  • ordaining women as priests

  • marrying same-sex couples

  • welcoming LGBTQ folx

  • conversations from many viewpoints

We engage in open conversations. We often question our faith and beliefs, with the understanding that inquiries and doubts will be discussed with respect. 

You will likely find more questions than answers, and that's OK!

Here's some info on our campus Chaplain, Lindsay . . . 


Lindsay was ordained to the transitional diaconate by the Bishop of Oregon at Trinity Cathedral in Portland, Oregon on June 16, 2018. Lindsay graduated in May from the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky.  She also earned a diploma in Anglican Studies from Bexley-Seabury Theological Seminary. She has a certificate from the College for Congregational Development of the Diocese of Olympia.


Painting by student Andi Keating

Lindsay was sponsored for ordination by St. David of Wales Episcopal Church in Portland, Oregon and made a postulant and candidate for Holy Orders by Bishop Michael Hanley of the Diocese of Oregon.  Lindsay was active as a lay leader of St. David's during a time of remarkable growth and re-development.

She has the role of a generalist in a range of ministry areas. In her present role she will support the work of an interim rector and the eventual elected rector. She is a valued colleague and her many qualities will, I believe, make her a valuable colleague to a future interim rector and rector.

Before ordination Lindsay worked in Portland for Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon as manager of their HIV Day Center, previous to which she worked in a multi-service family resource center in the Portland Metro area.  She has worked in social services and taught English as a Second Language.  She has been a diversity trainer, program manager, community organizer, board member, events coordinator, church speaker, guitar player and knitter.

Lindsay is married to Gregg Brekke, an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ and Editor for Presbyterian News Service, the communications agency of the Presbyterian Church in the USA, which is headquartered in Louisville.  He is a seasoned mountain climber, having just completed an ascent of Denali. 


The Rev. Lindsay Ross-Hunt
Associate Rector and Campus Chaplain

Greg Brekke - SixView Studios